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Staccato Dance Works,

"Dance to the Rhythm of Our Symphony"

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Staccato Dance Works, LLC.

NEW PHONE NUMBER: 248-923-1968

Recreational Dance Class

$40 Registration Fee (yearly)

Includes: Class Leotard & Tights


Please follow the registration procedures to enroll in classes. You must come to the studio during business hours to register or enroll online. You may not register without your first month’s tuition payment. A $40.00 registration fee per dancer will be collected at the time of registration. This fee will include a leotard and tights for each dancer enrolled in our program. Be sure to include your child’s sizes on the registration form. Staccato Dance Works, LLC reserves the right to cancel and/or change classes due to zero or small class enrollment; size-less than 5 students in a given class.

Class Placement

Dancers will be placed in the class that our teachers feel is most appropriate for the student’s age, maturity, ability to learn, and most importantly, technical level. Very often, students are asked to move to a different class level after the teacher is able to evaluate a dancer in class. This is to assure that all students are getting the best possible dance education. Since the teacher will be working with the dancers and has the knowledge needed to place dancers


Monthly tuition is required for 10 consecutive months (Sept.-June) which is due by the 1st of every month. A late fee of $25 will automatically be applied for payments made after the 5th. Monthly tuition includes 3, 4, or 5 lessons in a given month; tuition for months with less than 3 lessons will be prorated at the $15 drop-in rate. We accept cash, cashier’s check, money order or charge; a 3% service fee will be added to all card charges. Payments can be mailed in, placed in the drop box or made in person in the studio office. Automatic payments can be made through your bank’s Automatic Payment System or through our online Parent Portal; a 3% service fee will be added to all card charges. Monthly tuition reserves your child’s place in class and is non-refundable and non-transferable. Tuition balances past 15 days shall result in class suspension until tuition is current. There are no refunds offered on pre-paid annual tuition. All dropped classes must be submitted in writing 1 month prior to the drop date.


It is extremely important that your child attend every class scheduled in order to get the most out of their dance education. We realize, however, that sometimes children get ill. If your child is contagious, PLEASE STAY HOME! Please call or email the studio to let us know you will not be attending that evening. Please remember that in a group situation, if your child has excessive absences it affects the rest of the class. Please plan your family vacation around your dance schedule. Too many absences may cause your child to fall behind. Students will be asked to observe class and take notes if they are more than 15 minutes late. All class absences MUST be notified by email to the studio office.

Inclement Weather

In most cases we will follow the Detroit Public School Policy in the event of bad weather; our first concern is safety and ultimately the decision is left up to the parents to decide attendance for their child in the event of inclement weather. All class cancellations or reschedules will be sent at minimum 2 hours prior to class start time via e-mail, remind message, DSP class message/text, & social media post.

General Information

Drop off/pick up: Please do not drop off students more than 15 minutes before class starts. Be sure to return to pick up students promptly when class is scheduled to finish. There will be no one available to watch your children.

Check In

When you arrive at the studio each day for class, please check in at the studio office before your class starts to be sure you are included in the class attendance roster and to pick up any notes going home that evening. We will keep you informed of all events via e-mail. Please be sure you keep us updated if your contact information changes. If you do not use e-mail, please let us know so a paper copy of all information can be given.

Class Observation

Parents are encouraged to visit classes during the designated time at the end of class to observe their child’s progress. After the first week of classes, we ask that visitation be discontinued so that all students may enjoy their dance instruction without distraction. Any other observation times after the first week of class will be at the discretion of the instructor.

Lobby Etiquette

Please be sure to keep conversation quiet while in the hallway outside of the dance studio so there are no class distractions. Please do not talk or motion to your child through the window during class. Please be sure that all children have ADULT supervision while in the building. If young children join you for the evening at SDW, PLEASE clean up after them before you leave. There are NO VISITORS at the studio while your child is in class. Any children in your care must stay with you.

Food and Drinks

Due to many students being at the studio for many hours it is sometimes necessary to have a meal or snack during the evening. Please be sure to pick up after yourself and dispose of all trash. This is not the responsibility of the office staff. It is a good idea to send a water bottle with your dancer. No food or drinks are allowed on the dance studio floors! All snacks must be consumed between classes. Students will not be allowed to leave class for a snack.


All students will be assessed an annual recital fee of $100 that will include: (2) General Admission show tickets, (1) Recital T-Shirt & (1) Show Program Book. Our students and instructors will be working towards our annual recital and winter ballet. All students are expected to perform in each event. Please let us know if this is a problem. All account balances MUST be paid in order to participate in the year end recital.


It is required to purchase a costume for each performing class you are enrolled in. A non-refundable $30.00 costume deposit is due for each costume by November 1st. Costumes generally range around $60.00 each for recreational students and around $80.00 each for competitive students. Before the Christmas break, a total will be given for all costumes and the balance due will be expected by February 1st or 28 days after the prices are posted on your account. Please make all costume cashiers’ checks or money orders payable to Staccato Dance Works, LLC. Please do not include costume payments with your tuition payments. There is a 3% service fee for all costume payments made with a credit card. Costumes will not be given out until the balance is paid in full. Props, hair pieces, and performance specific shoes will be included in your costume balance.

Dress Code

All students are expected to follow the dress and hair guidelines at all times.

Attire: All students must wear a black leotard, tan tights and the proper shoes (see below).

All female students, regardless of the warm weather, must wear tights. No shirts or extra street clothes may be worn in class. Dance shorts may be worn at the teacher’s


*A Note About Underwear: We like for all of our dancers to look professional and neat. A part of being involved in the art of dance is adhering to the dress culture involved within it. In dance classes around the nation, all dancers are not to wear panties under their tights. When you purchase tights that were created for dance, there is a cotton oval for sanitary protection. Dancers can wear a skin tone, high cut panty for those certain times when it is necessary. Bras should also be covered/concealed or wearing a sports bra is acceptable. This is out respect and appreciation for this art form.

Shoes: Please use the following guidelines when purchasing shoes

Ballet - All ballet students-ballet pink canvas split sole slippers Please be sure to tie and tuck in all bows. Sew the enclosed elastic to help with proper fit.

Jazz/ Lyrical - All jazz students will wear leather split sole gore boot

Tap - Black Leather Oxford tap shoes

Acro - Bare Feet

Hip Hop - No designated shoe is required for class, however a specific shoe may be determined, if necessary, for the recital. All shoes are available for purchase at studio.

**Please note—shoes for the recital may be different. Although not usual, certain costumes may require different shoes.

NO JEWLERY is to be worn during class!

Hair: All long hair must be up off of the face and neck, and secured.

Hair must be fixed so that it will not come down during class.

Students will be asked to leave class until hair is fixed appropriately.